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Bariatric Surgery

“It's not about losing weight, it’s about gaining life and health”

Weigh control experience

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In terms of gastric sleeve surgeries, gastric bypass and mini-bypass.
Since all patients are different and have different goals and needs, we are specialists in personalized bariatric surgery for each patient and its characteristics.

Real People and their

Success Stories

  • obra

    Adriana O.

    99.2 pounds lost!

    For me choosing Dr Noreña and his team means feeling safe, confident and able to ask and resolve any doubts. That allowed me to see beyond the quality of the surgical practice, the quality of people with whom I was going to have the procedure.

  • obra

    Aida C.

    44 pounds lost!

    With gastric sleeve I lost 20 kilos in less than 4 months. Improvement in all my clinical tests and in how I feel and how I function.

  • obra

    Ale M.

    55.1 pounds lost!

    With gastric sleeve surgery and follow-up by Dr. Noreña's team I was able to overcome Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and achieve my pregnancy. It is not the easy way but it is the effective way.

  • obra

    Alfredo U.

    88.1 pounds lost!

    I regained the ability to move without pain, I gained a freedom that I had not felt for many years.

  • obra

    Ana Gabriela S.

    143 pounds lost!

    In a few words, get my life back. Get ready to push yourself to the limit, improve your lifestyle to the fullest but always accompanied by the best multidisciplinary team.

  • obra

    Arturo R.

    77.1 pounds lost!

    For me, the surgery process has been the best decision I could have made to grow as a person. I started taking care of myself and puting all my efforts to improve and maintain this state of health.

  • obra

    Carlos M.

    154.3 pounds lost!

    3 years after my surgery and more than 70 kilograms lost, I can say that the most important thing I learned is to have balance in my life.

  • obra

    Carmen Denisse

    66 pounds lost!

    I love so much the new version of myself, a strong woman, who makes smart decisions and who feels good inside and outside. Honestly the best decision I've ever made in my life.

  • obra

    Cesar R.

    66 pounds lost!

    Moving freely, doing my job without getting tired is a gift of life, my greatest fear was not eating delicious food, since I love to cook and this didn’t happened; in reality it is just learning to be healthier and find a balance between foods.

  • obra

    Daniela R.

    66 pounds lost!

    In 3 months I reached my goal, getting a lot of happiness, discovering a healthier life full of order and good habits.

  • obra

    Janet G.

    61.7 pounds lost!

    Thank you for bringing back the strong woman, full of energy, love and passion for life. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

  • obra

    Melissa P.

    103.6 pounds lost!

    I am happy with my new life, 45 kilograms lost in a year. I learned to put myself first, enjoy balance, empower myself and know that I am capable of anything

  • obra

    Paola U.

    72.7 pounds lost!

    In this change!, I have lost 33 kg since my surgery 2 years ago.

  • obra


    55.11 pounds lost!

    Gastric sleeve. I have lost more than 25 kilograms in 6 months. Remember that the bariatric surgery is a tool, but you have to do the hardwork.

“Lose weight for a better life”

How Can I lose weight?

Procedures we offer.

We are here to help you achieve your weight loss goals! There are many different ways to lose weight. However, one of the most effective ways to do so is through a medical procedure.

We offer a variety of medical procedures such as:

metronic Logo Gastric sleeve

Procedure by which we reduce the stomach to an 20% of it original capacity. It is done by laparoscopy. Excellent in patients with a BMI below 45, without heartburn, reflux, long-standing or difficult-to-control diabetes.

metronic Logo Traditional Roux en Y Bypass

Procedure by which we make a smaller stomach and perform an intestinal bypass in the form of a “Y”. Ideal for patients with BMI above 45 and diabetes that is difficult to control. Also ideal for those who are over 6 years old with this diagnosis. It’s the only alternative when the patient has obesity and heartburn/gastroesophageal reflux.

metronic Logo Mini Gastric Bypass.

Procedure by which we leave a sleeve-type tubular stomach plus an intestinal bypass with a single union. Faster and safer surgery than conventional bypass. We leave this option for patients with a BMI above 50 and/or diabetes that’s difficult to control

“We offer you the best.
State-of-the-Art weight control procedures”

How do I Start?

take the first step

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Step 1

The initial assessment is the first step for your bariatric surgery. This can be performed in person or by video call with Dr. Noreña.

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Step 2

Evaluation with our nutritionist and psychologist is super important. Also, the laboratory and clinical tests and the preoperative evaluation with our internal medicine team.

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Step 3

Its imperative to follow all the instructions of our team, for a secure procedure and a great result. The time of the preparation is decided in the first consultation with Dr. Noreña.

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Step 4

Thanks for choosing our team for your surgery, it is important to mention that you will need at least 7 days at México, for completing the acute healing. We love to assure that when you get back to your home you are in optimal conditions.

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Step 5

Remember that the bariatric procedure is the first step in your new life, that’s why my team and I will continue to train you in this new lifestyle. All of our plans includes 2 year follow up with Dr. Noreña
5 consultations of follow up with psychologist.
9 consultations of follow up with nutritionist.

"Every great journey begins with the first step
you are about to take it"

Our Services

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starting at $4,000 usd
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starting at $4,500 usd

We also offer several plans focused on Medical Tourism. These plans can include hotel and transportation. Every year, thousands of visitors from around the world travel to Mexico to receive reasonably-priced medical care. There are many benefits to choosing medical tourism


“Improve your self while you
make new memories”

Why choose Mexico?

We have excelent reasons!

We know that the main reason for seeking medical services in Mexico is the lower costs, but here, at BARIATRICO MX, we have other good reasons for you to consider as well:


Humane treatment

Patient care in many countries has ceased to be humane. Personalized care is the cornerstone of our work and is always focused on the patient’s well-being.


Cotinuous monitoring

We have created a continuous monitoring system through calls, direct messaging, and face-to-face visits during the first days after surgery.



We are with you all the way! o Surgeon follow-up is included for 2 years, which is approximately 30 consultations. 6 months (10 consultations) with the nutrition team. 6 months (5 consultations) with our psychology.



Wherever you are, you can always have communication with the medical team.

Finally, The most important point is to remember:

We only work with certified hospitals, and we only use certified materials and equipment (Panther Healthcare)

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All surgeries are performed by Dr. Juan Sebastián Noreña Rosales. (not fellows, residents, or other surgeons, which is something common in other bariatric surgery centers)

Wherever you are, whenever you need us, we are here for you!

“Improve your self while you make new memories”

About Dr. Noreña

“Im here to help you”

Dr. Noreña Bariatrico

Leading bariatric surgeon of the CUU Bariatric Team, which is responsible for the comprehensive treatment of obesity and metabolic diseases.

He has an international training (Brazil, Mexico and USA) in which he participated in more than 1000 surgeries.

Also, he is certified in general and minimally invasive surgery by the Mexican Council of General Surgery.

Got a Certification in bariatric and metabolic surgery by the Mexican Council of Surgery for the treatment of obesity and metabolic diseases.

He has supported thousands of patients to understand obesity, with courses, information and videos on social networks. As well, he has motivated and supported them to obtain a healthier life after their bariatric surgery.

We have the most prepared nutrition and psychology team to accompany you after your surgery.

We have patented the best post-bariatric path for national and foreign patients.

We have the lowest rate of complications (0.1-0.2%).

Thanks to our international experience, we can offer the safest and most effective treatment to face this pandemic called obesity.


“Improve your self while you make new memories”

Our Team

Our family

Hello! I’m Dr. Noreña and I want to tell you this in my own words. Surgery is only the first step in the bariatric process, and losing weight is only one step in that process. Integrally improving your health is the real goal.

I faithfully believe that the key to achieving success in this process is discipline and the patient’s preparation. For this very reason, we created the most complete team for postoperative care coordination, which includes nutrition, psychology, coaching, and physical trainers.

Our main purpose is for you to have the safest surgery, period. We meet the highest quality standards by relying on the best technology, and the best human resources.

We will always be with you. As a patient of BARIATRICO MX, you will have an open channel for communication with our team, surgeon, nutritionists, psychologists, and patient coordinator.


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We're here for you!


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